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 Wanna join the club?

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Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly

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PostSubject: Wanna join the club?   Mon 20 Feb 2017, 14:18

So you might be thinking now: "MAN, I want to be one of them too!" or "pfff, wtf is all of this" and if you do, you gotta do 3 easy steps in order to join* the cool kids!

* join stay for good

1. Read Academy's rules.

Click here to view the rules:

2. Think what you're doing with your life.

Crazy Rabbit 3

3. Register on forum*.

* with a correct GW2 account name, so we'll send the guild invite where we should!!!

Here's a little guide for ya:


”Uwierzyłam, że nas uratujesz ciociu Lyo! I nadal w to wierzę! Nigdy nie przestałam w ciebie wierzyć!”
- Drein Askarioth, A.Z.A.R.A. PBF

”you make gw2 cooler you know Wink
- JP, Golden Broods

”Its never a waste of time if you believe what you do is right”
- John, Drama Kingdom Virus

”something something rush point b”
- Raine, The Vortex Club

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Wanna join the club?
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